Parallel Twin Screw Barrel

Parallel Twin Screw Barrel

Parallel Twin Screw Barrel Manufacturer

The Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel that are manufactured by Plastic Machinery uses nitro alloy material coupled with a special heat-treatment process. Our parallel twin screw and barrel are ideal for heat and shear-sensitive materials. We use EN41B and tungsten coating for our parallel twin screws and barrels.


  • good plasticizing effect
  • high output and stable extrusion
  • large load-bearing torque
  • low energy consumption

Parallel Twin Screw Barrel Wholesaler

We offer highest range of parallel twin screw barrel for plastics injection moulding machine, plastics extrusion machine, plastics blowing film machine, plastics recycling machines, rubber extrusion machine, food processing machine.

Parallel Twin Screw Barrel for PVC Extrusion Machine

PVC profile(Door & window) / WPC(PVC,PE) / PVC foam board / PVC pipe / PVC compound etc

Parallel Twin Screw Barrel

PVC extrusion twin barrel, cylinder

PVC extrusion twin screw

bimetallic parallel twin extruder screw barrel

Professional Manufacturer for PVC Twin Exturder Screw and Barrel

Plastic Machinery is a professional parallel twin screw barrel manufacturer and Wholesaler.

We produce various sizes of parallel twin screw barrel, such as 40KK,¢45, CM58, 67/22, 68/25,CM80,114/32, 92/28, 92/32, 114/32, 90/16, 90/22, 75/32, 81/17,¢250 and many other diameters.
Parallel twin screws barrels are widely used on extrusion machines making profile, tube, sheet, foam, plastic compounding etc, processing all kinds of polymer with a larger output, which is able to reach tons per hour at a specific size.

Counter-rotating parallel twin screw barrel

The counter-rotating parallel twin screw barrel is offered with a diameter ranging from 45mm to 170mm and L/D ratio from 18 to 34. We have substantial experience in producing CM series parallel twin screw and barrel for famous pipe manufacturers located in the US.

Your advantages:

  • Top quality steel material to ensure best mechanical performance
  • More durable than HV950 hardness and Deep nitride surfaces
  • Customized anti-wear protections made of tungsten carbide, molybdenum and chrome.
  • Strict quality control management to ensure ultimate precision to make your installation more convenient and efficient.

In most cases, you only need to offer drawings of parallel twin screw barrel. When you need to replace them, we can offer both mapping and drawing and other technical support, but the customer needs to cover the transportation and accommodation fees.

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